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Second Degree Reading Assignments

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Second Degree Reading Assignments (Incomplete)



Shakti Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand – complete text


No study of the Goddess would be complete without a look at her Hindu faces. In the Hindu religion we see evidence of a Goddess tradition that has survived into modern times. It may not be in its original form, and patriarchal ideals have certainly influenced it, but much can still be gained from studying the Goddess as seen in India.


Read this entire book from cover to cover. For each Goddess detailed in the text answer the following questions and complete the following activities.


1. According to Tridean concepts is this Goddess a Maiden, Mother, Crone, or All Goddess figure? What are some key words that might describe this             Goddess?


2. What is this Goddesses message? What does her story teach us? What is the purpose of her story?


3. If you were to create a ritual for this Goddess how would you dress the altar? What would represent her qualities in your eyes?


4. Does this Goddess’s story seem touched by patriarchal ideas? If so, how? Explain what parts of the story or what conceptions of the Goddess may         have been altered throughout time.


5. Spend at least three days chanting this Goddess’s mantra(s). Try sitting at your altar and using your prayer beads. Additionally try memorizing the             mantras and chant them in your head throughout your day. What are the results? How do you feel after completing this practice? Have you been             struck with any epiphanies during this process?

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