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Sandi's Page

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I've been taking pictures of flowers lately.  It started with trying to see how well my camera would work with it at Strong Museum, then kinda flourished into me snapping pictures of nature any chance I get.  (Which I must admit isn't as often as I'd like.)  While it isn't much of a learning experience, I am noticing myself connecting with nature while I take the pictures.  I like to kick of my shoes and touch the grass while I take the pictures, and feel a peace while looking at the beauty of the flowers and trees I shoot.


I've always felt myself drawn to the innocent beauties.  Children and landscapes.  The way nature put things together, rather than the way people have ruined it.  But at the same rate, I find that the weed that pushes iteself up through the crack in the cement is more beautiful than the ones in the garden nearby because it has overcome more to live than the others and usually has a short life to live.


I guess I'm feeling philosophical today.  Hope no one minds.




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