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Independent Herb Assignment

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Independent Herb Assignment



Choose three to six herbs that will grow in the UPNY/Rochester area. This means they will be hearty to zone 6. Some maps will tell you zone 5, but we’re warmer due to our proximity to the lake. After you’ve chosen your herbs spend some time researching them either online or in books. I’ve listed some resources for you below and on the front page. Use the chart below as a guide to catalog information about your herbs. Remember though, that this is not purely scientific. It seems wrong somehow to sterilize the spiritual connection that might be found with your chosen herbs. So, make sure to commune with your plant if you can. It might be best to pick something that grows near you or that you can easily grow indoors. If this is not possible then see if you can buy some dried quantities to “feel out” the energies of and experiment with.


Herbal Log-Blank Template.doc



- Glossary of Medicinal Properties of Herbs (off site link)

- Healing Teas (off site link)

- Indian Spring Herbal Encyclopedia (off site link)

- Botanical.com - a Modern Herbal (off site link)

- Book @ Amazon: Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs (off site link)


Your Name : Herbal Log

Common Name


Latin Name


Other/Folk Names




Annual, Perennial?


Medicinal Properties, historical information, recipes, parts used, etc.







Experiment Results, methods used…






Impressions, Feelings




Misc. Information

(i.e. planetary correspondences, folk lore, etc.)











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