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First Degree Education Files

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First Degree Education Files



Circle of the Green 1st Degree Curriculum

The curriculum includes required and recommended reading lists, the course outline, and research project guidlines.


First Degree Curriculum Check List.doc

A printable and simple checklist so you can keep track of your progress.


The Book of Tridea.pdf

This is the book that details Tridea or the Tridean tradition of the Goddess - the tradition of Circle of the Green.


Circle of the Green First Degree Journal Sample.doc

You can use this template (but you don't have to) to help organize your monthly journals. Feel free to edit the format to suit your needs. It's posted here to give you an idea of what we're looking for and to help you not draw a blank when you sit down to write your thoughts.


Monthly Journal Assignments

At least six months of journal work should be completed. If you choose to take longer than that in your studies try to complete as many months as possible to stay in the habit of keeping a current journal of your spiritual reflections and experiences. 


First Degree Reading Assignments

These are the assignments that correspond to your readings. They require completion before you can be initiated.


Circle of the Green Meditation Journal.doc

Read the article linked below and experiment with meditation practices. Use the journal template above (or your own journal, template, etc.) to record your experiences.

- Meditation Handbook (off site link)


Intro to Shadow Work Exercise

 Doing Shadow Work is a private and intense process. This includes a short introduction into Shadow Work and a ritual/exercise that can help you start to reveal your own shadows.


Seeing the Aura Exercise.doc

Use this exercise to begin training your eyes to see auras. We'll experiment with this in person as well. See links below for more on this topic.

- Auras (off site link)

- How to See and Read the Aura (off site link)

- Aura Colors (off site link)


Independent Herb Assignment

Directions for beginning your journey in the study of herbs. See resources below.

- Glossary of Medicinal Properties of Herbs (off site link)

- Healing Teas (off site link)

- Indian Spring Herbal Encyclopedia (off site link)

- Botanical.com - a Modern Herbal (off site link)

- Book @ Amazon: Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs (off site link)


Herb Information 1.doc

This is what you should read before you take the Herb Quiz below. Refer to any workshops and information recieved from your instructors as well.


Herbal Log-Blank Template.doc

This is a sample template for you to use when completing your independent herbal log. Feel to edit it as needed.




These are not "take home tests". Please complete them without using your books and reading materials.

Quizzes can be saved on your computer, edited with your answers, and either emailed to Lee or printed to be turned in as a hard copy. Please let us know if for some reason you can't view or download the file.


Herb Quiz 1.doc

This will test your knowledge of the herbalism materials we may have covered during workshops and work you've been assigned through those workshops. Be sure to read Herb Information 1.doc before taking this quiz.


Tridea Quiz 1.doc

 This will test your knowledge of the Tridean Tradition and the materials covered in the The Book of Tridea.pdf.


Goddess Quiz 1.doc

This will test your knowledge and comprehension of the readings you were assigned from the following:

 Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image (pages 3-105)

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