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Course and Wiki FAQ

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How to... FAQ


What do I need to complete in order to reach First Degree?

1. Read Required Texts

2. Reading Assignments

3. Journal Assignments

4. Research Project

5. Offered workshops (with any handouts or special work included)

6. Independent Herb Assignment

7. Seeing the Aura Exercise

8. Meditation Experiments

9. Into to Shadow Work Exercise

10. Quizzes

11. Attend rituals in order to gain experience in the Tridean Tradition.

12. Display desire and dedication through group participation. (events, gatherings, etc.)


Who do I hand my work in to?

You can send you work via email to lmhutchings[remove]@rochester.rr.com and kelly_m_lyons[remove]@yahoo.com. Please send to both addresses. You can also hand in your work in hard copy form at any gathering. Alternately, you can upload your work using the files tool of this wiki and/or post it on your member page. 


I have questions and/or I need to talk out ideas. Who can I turn to?

Kelly or Lee can be reached at their respective phone numbers and are more than willing to answer any questions you might have.


How long do I have to complete the curriculum?

You can take as long as you need but you can not be initiated for at least six months after your dedication.





How do I edit my page or contribute to the Group Collaboration page?

Simply click sign in at the top right hand corner. You'll be prompted to enter the password, your name, and email. You're not registering for anything so don't worry. You should then be able to edit.


I like to complete my work in Microsoft Word. How can I upload and link to a .doc file on my members page?

On your member page: go into edit mode. Once there click the "Attach file" option at the far right. You'll be prompted to upload your file. Once the upload is complete click OK and a link to the file should be immediately added into your page. It's that simple. Just try to name your .doc file descriptively so we know what it is. Example: Name-First-Degree-Herb-Log.doc


How do I add pictures to my pages?

You can upload the pictures much the same way you upload any document file. If you click "insert image" you should be prompted to upload your pic just like if you were uploading a word file. The process is the same. There is also a small selection of icons that have been uploaded and are available for everyone to use to pretty up their pages.


)0( Please feel free to ask questions so they can get answered and added to our FAQ.


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